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Golden Grail  gifts and souvenirs: matryoshka dolls, cigarette cases, flasks, gzhel, lacquer box and other

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Gifts and souvenirs from Russia: matryoshka dolls, gzhel, flasks, cigarette cases

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Rare Russian gifts

Golden Grail is a manufactureand vendor of Russian souvenirs and wholesale gift supplier. We offer a large selection -from inexpensive pens and pencils with your company's logo, which make ideal and unique personalized business gifts (for employees or clients), to expensive lacquer boxes, if you're looking to impress important business partners.

A question that comes up often is "What would make a good gift for an employer, a friend or just an acquaintance?" whether it's birthday, a holiday, an anniversary or any other special occasion.

Expensive gifts may be prestigous - but can often be uninteresting. By contrast, who wouldn't be surprised and pleased to receive a gift of a lacquer box with his or her photograph?

Our talented artists can use a photograph to create a masterpiece, and can make it in the style of your choice, whether it's Fedoskino, Palekh, Kholuy or Mstera. Such a gift would not only be prestigious, but also interesting and really unique!

If you like, we can add a dose of humor into such custom-made gifts. Believe us, the recipient of such a unique gift will be filled with wonder, joy and gratitude.

Take a look at the masterpiece already created by our artists and judge the merits of such a gift yourself.

Anyone can make themselves or their loved ones a similar gift.

Online gift shop Golden Grail!

Please contact us to tell us your wishes and desires by calling +7 (495) 618-03-11 or emailing us at

Rare Russian gifts

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